Update To The Race Schedule

The race officials have changed the race schedule for the morning races Sunday, January 5th.

  • Junior fields will be combined and have a later start time of 9:30
  • The Men Junior UCI race has been canceled due to low registrations. Any UCI Junior man will be placed in the PRO 1/2/3 field, and start at 10:15.
  • The Cat 3 men will be combined with the Pro 1/2 men’s field and start at 10:15
  • The Pro 1/2 race will be cut to 45:00.
  • The Pro 1/2/3 Women will have a new start time of 10:15 and will race 45:00. The women will start 30 seconds after the men.
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MacDonald, Myerson, Marion to Race Elite Race

Team Rapha-Focus elite racer Zach MacDonald will be racing at the KCXC on Sunday. Zach is a veteran cross racer and a form collegiate national champion. He is currently in 1oth place in the USA Cycling Pro CX Series. Adam Myerson a veteran of the sport and a founder of cyclo-cross in the US will also be racing. Adam finished on the podium in both previous additions of the KCXC, and races for SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis. Robert Marion, a North Carolina native racing for American Classic, will be trying to pass Zach MacDonald in the standings. He is currently 11th in the standings. The field will also have other national champions participating, Cory Rimmer of Virgnia Intermont College is the current DII national cyclo-cross champion and the current Tennessee state cyclo-cross champion. Kerry Werner of Lees McRae College the current DI cyclo-cross national champion will also be racing.

Zach MacDonald

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We Have Built It

Over the last three days, a very small group of people, have built a very large course with, turns, a log, barriers, long power stretches, and gravel, all set on an island in the Holston river in the shadow of Bays Mountian. Sunny and 41 on Saturday, partly cloudy and 54 on Sunday. We have built it, we hope you will come.2014-01-03 17.46.58

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Updates to Tech Guide and Course Map

Be sure and check out the changes to the tech guide, and a new map on the map page.

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Registration Is Now Open!

Registration is now open for the UCI race and the MSG final. Click the Registration link on the menu bar above and start registering!

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Website Updates

The race schedule page has been updated, along with the course map page. Registration will be open in a few days at USAC. More updates to come.

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As Promised

After the race in 2011, we posted that we would add Elite Juniors to the UCI line up. We’ve followed through! Thanks to Reedy Creek Bicycles in Kingsport, TN. Tell your juniors about the Reedy Creek Bicycles Elite Juniors CX race!

“Quality Service, Quality Products, Quality Ride”

Reedy Creek Logo smjuniorsfilm

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