Kingsport Cup Tech Guide-MSG Flyer

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Race Information

Event Rules:

Elite Men, Elite Women events will run solely according to UCI regulations and scale of penalties. All other events will be run according to USAC cyclo-cross rules. It is the riders responsibility to know the rules governing your races.

Start Area:

Will be 100 meters from the finnish line.

Start Order:

Staging for riders in the UCI event will be in the following order: UCI points, then at random. Start order will be by number, with the lowest numbers assigned to the racers with UCI points. All others will have their numbers assigned randomly at registrationand be listed accordingly on the start sheet. For non UCI races, start order will be determined by current USAC cyclo-cross rankings for pre-registered riders, followed by walk-up riders in order of registration.

Top 3 Finishers:

The top 3 in every event must report immediately to the finish/podium area for awards and interviews. This will take place as soon as possible after you finish and will only last a few minutes. Awards will be in front of the changing room area. if weather is inclement awards will be moved out of the weather.

Lapped Riders:

UCI: The 80% rule may be applied at the discretion of the president of the commissaires panel . In any case, lapped riders must complete the lap during which they were lapped and leave the event via the 80% zone. They will be listed in the results in theorder in which they are pulled out of the race plus number of laps which have not been completed.

Results / Prizes:

The results will be posted as soon as they are completed by race ocials. The posting area will be adjacent to race registration. The protest period for USAC results is 15 minutes after posting. Please verify your place on the results before leaving the race. Prizes will not be changed after the close of the event. Prizes may be picked up at registration following results posting. Please present your race bib# and racing license.

Race Numbers / Scoring:

UCI-registered riders will be issued 1 race number plus upper-arm numbers. Numbers must be worn on the left hip and upper arms (facing forward). All other racers will be issued a single number to be placed on the left side.


Entry into the Kingsport Cyclo-cross Cup: Elite men, and elite women, must pre-register at USAC Categories are encouraged to register online as well, or pay a $10.00 day-of registration late fee. Registration will be located at the concessions building in the center of the ball fields, or at a tent close to the course, depending on the weather. UCI racers must check in 60 minutes prior to their event. Online registration closes on Friday January 1, at 7:00 pm. Absolutely no refunds. Online service fee applied by USAC. Day-of registration opens at 8:00 AM and closes 15 minutes prior to each race. There will be a $10.00 late fee for “day-of” registration. Race a second race for $10.00. UCI Licenses are required for the Elite Men, Elite Women. All other events will require a current USAC license. Unlicensed riders will be required to purchase a $15.00 “one day license”, and be placed in the CX 5 Men or Women 4. All riders will be required to complete and sign a “standard athletes entry release form”. Entry fee includes $3.60 USAC insurance surcharge, and a $2.60 USAC Online registration fee.


The race course is located at Domtar Park in Kingsport, TN. The course is approximately 3.0 km in length consisting of a paved start/finish, grass, and hard packed gravel road. There will be 1 set of barriers on the course. There will be a double pit located near the center of the course.


All races are conducted under USA Cycling, UCI and USADA anti-doping regulations. Riders must check to see if they are required to submit to doping control. Doping control is located at park concessions and bathroom area.

Emergency Medical and First-Aid:

EMT’s will be located in the expo area near registration. In the case of a non-emergency, the nearest hospital is: Holston Valley Medical Center, 130 West Ravine Road, Kingsport, TN 37660-3837, (423) 224-4000.